Analyze your social media profiles. 1 profile is included per connected brand.

Social Media analytics

Analyze your website and landing pages through Google Analytics and GA4.

Owned Media analytics

Audit your media investment. Connect 1 or more accounts per brand, depending on your plan.

Paid Media analytics

Set up to 3 of your social media competitors per brand.

Competitive analysis

With machine learning, classify the comments users make about your organic and paid content.

Sentiment analysis

Group your campaigns and content to achieve ad hoc results.

Campaign management

Make cross channel comparisons between your campaigns and content, to understand which ones perform better based on your defined variables.


Generate and download reports to later share them in PDF.

Reports download

Consolidate your databases in one place using our CDP.

Audiences & database management

Identify which media is generating the most leads and sales by combining the data from paid media and your leads.

Leads management

Online support and personalized trainings.

Customer Care

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