We announce a new strategic alliance with Fenicio eCommerce

We established an agreement with the leading e-commerce platform to help its clients improve the analytical capabilities of their businesses.

This agreement aims to offer an integrated and complementary solution to Fenicio’s medium and large corporate clients so they can enhance their electronic commerce by significantly improving their analytical capabilities throughout the digital ecosystem.

“We are thrilled about our partnership and enthusiastic to enhance our strengths with Fenicio Ecommerce’s existing solutions. In a fast-paced world where marketing teams face abundant data but limited time for analysis, delivering an integrated solution that encompasses online sales essentials and provides insights into media and social channels is paramount. We have full confidence in the potential of this alliance, and we believe that Fenicio’s clients across the region will experience significant improvements in their analytical capabilities and streamline multiple operational processes, propelling their business and marketing strategies to new heights.” said our Founder & CEO, Avedis Boudakian.

Leonardo Álvarez, partner and co-founder of Fenicio eCommerce, emphasized their client-centric approach: “Our primary focus is enabling our clients to convert channel traffic into sales, and to achieve this, monitoring digital commerce behavior with data auditing to optimize media campaigns is vital. Recognizing this opportunity, we allied with a specialized platform like Bunker DB. This partner will empower our clients to make informed decisions and drive exceptional results for their online businesses.”

Fenicio’s customers will benefit from discounted rates on our products and services thanks to this alliance.

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