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About BunkerDB A key ally to marketing deparments

BunkerDB is a friendly tool, intuitive and easy to use, capable of managing, organizing, and showing in one dashoboard the most relevant analytics data from your digital platforms, media investment and consumers.
By using a powerful algorithm, BunkerDB processes -in real time- all interactions between consumers and brands within your networks. This allows you to easily access all data regarding your actions and marketing efforts online and offline.

BunkerDB allows you to:

  • Visualize ​ A single interface to review your performance within different online platforms and customer touchpoints.
  • Understand​ ​Execute targeting decisions based on knowledge by understanding previous interactions within your brand.
  • Act ​ Activate accurate online marketing campaigns to maximize your investment results.

Features All you need to know in one place

Simple and easy to use graphic interface with a beautifully designed layout and a well-organized information. Visualize in real time what's going on with your brand in every digital platform.

Investment Analysis Track your investment in digital media

BunkerDB connects with the most popular paid media platforms in the market, in order to keep track of your investment in one place in a simple and integrated way. You’ll be able to compare results, understand where your media performance is better and identify campaign improvement opportunities to achieve your goals. It has never been so easy to understand how your money is being invested.

Sentiment Analysis Understand how your consumers feel and think

BunkerDB allows you to know how your consumers, fans, and followers feel across your social networks. The system automatically sorts out comments as positive, neutral or negative. In case one of the comments is not properly categorized, via different Machine Learning engines, we’ll teach the system how to do it properly the next time. Also you'll be able to tag comments into different categories in order to understand where problems and opportunities are when it comes to consumer sentiment analysis. If you are concerned about how your consumers feel about published content, BunkerDB is perfect for you.

Analyze your audience Activate your database

BunkerDB allows you to identify users who take part in your campaigns, through a powerful API which can be connected to your platforms. All data generated in your platforms is saved in our database and then analyzed by a powerful algorithm that links new information with already identified consumers in order to complete their profile as one.
With this tool, you can understand who your consumers are, where they interact, their tastes, their faithfulness with your brands and how they behave in each activation you propose.

Report Generation Simple and amazing reports, fully customized and automated

Good news!, BunkerDB allows you to automate reporting tasks without having to tediously process and consolidate information from different sources. Just define the report frequency and it will be delivered to the people you want, always on time. Forget about spending time searching for data across networks during days, your report is just one click away!

Content tagging Improve your conversation topics

BunkerDB allows you to tag all contents you publish in social networks, and based on consumers interactions will identify which topics are more interesting to your audience.
Forget about creating non-interesting conversations, from now on you can give your fans and followers the content they are really interested in.

KPIs accomplishment Keep close track of your goals

If you have goals to accomplish, BunkerDB is an excellent ally. Form a simple dashboard you'll be able to set multiple KPIs for your campaigns and we'll track them in real time so that you can instantly take action if there's a problem or an adjustment to be made.

Budget Analysis Visualize your costs and plan your budget

Through a simple panel, you'll be able to track and and visualize budget allocation regarding digital, production and other media.
This allows you to define how and where is best to invest in future marketing actions.

Take a look at our client stories

  • Client Nabori Medina Digital Marketing Manager de EDUK Group. BunkerDB provides us with the flexibility and immediacy we need, to monitor and report digital actions of our company. This tool is up to date with digital trends and generates specific information which allows us to continue evolving and developing new marketing strategies.
  • Client Sylvia Escoto Manager BI - Bella Group BunkerDB is an excellent tool that helps us maximize our performance regarding lead management and marketing efforts. It's “our control panel” where we are able to monitor, evaluate, and act upon digital opportunities.
  • Client María Elena Frontini Connection Manager Danone - Salus For Salus, BunkerDB is a tool which allows us to transform data of our users into a database with the purpose of understanding consumers’ preferences, characteristics and interests, thus acting in order to ensure quality interaction with them. It is an easy to use tool that guarantees its use! This is just beginning; we aim for much more!
  • Client Ámbar Rodríguez Manager Honda / Acura - Puerto Rico BunkerDB is an excellent tool that helps us in three important areas for our business: keep track of all our online marketing actions, provides trends regarding consumers’ habits and preferences, and lastly effectiveness in decision-making. I highly recommend it.
  • Client Roxana Chamoles Consumer Experience Manager - LATAM, Digital Marketing Services - Unilever BunkerDB is the tool that allows us to work two main pillars of consumer relationship management. The first is what we call ‘Consumer Single View’, which centralizes the knowledge about our consumers’ preferences, habits, and interests, to know when the same person relates to us through different brands and channels, in order to offer what they are looking for, thus allow them to associate our brands with what they consider “the good things of life”. The second pillar is real time omnichannel monitoring of our digital platforms for our marketing teams to understand in a single platforms our campaigns’ performance. Last but not least, it provides us with the opportunity to adapt contents and formats in real time.

Brands using BunkerDB

  • Corona
  • Budweiser
  • Stella Artois
  • Pilsen
  • Patricia
  • Dove
  • Axe
  • Ades
  • Skip
  • Omo
  • Lipton
  • Pond's
  • TRESemmé
  • Sedal
  • Rexona
  • Unilever
  • Knorr
  • Acura
  • Becker
  • Honda
  • Volkswagen
  • Mazda
  • Danone
  • ABInBev
  • EduK

News BunkerDB continues to grow, here we tell you what is going on

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Twitter Ads is now on BunkerDB

We're always looking for ways to improve your experience with our tool, now we've incorporated Twitter Ads to paid media. From now on, you'll be able...

More upgrades on Bunker

On september we continued to work on new upgrades within our platform, get to know them: 1) New file management tool We improved our file...

New upgrades on Bunker

BunkerDB keeps improving, so we are happy to announce we launched new and amazing upgrades. 1) New module: sentiment Gradually, we´ll be...

New Paid Media Module

Our new Paid Media Module is scheduled to be launched in May 15, giving brands total control over their digital results. Now you can control your...

Feelings in social networks

Through social networks a multi-directional communication is created, generating a lot of back and forth between brands/organisations and the general...

2017 Digital Status

Once again and together with IAB, on October 24th we presented (at IAB Forum) the digital status for Uruguay with the most important metrics of...

Our Plans

Choose one of our plans and get the best solution for your company. If you need more, we have other customized options, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Analytics

    • Owned Media Dashboard
    • Paid Media Dashboard
    • Sentiment Module
    • Manual reports
    • Automatic Reports
    • Brands included* 1
    • Campaigns
    • Consumers DB
    • Import/Export Consumers
    • Consumer API Integration
    • File Manager 1Gb
    • Platform users* 1
    • Email / Chat support
    • Phone support (office hours)

    • Owned Media Dashboard
    • Paid Media Dashboard
    • Sentiment Module
    • Manual reports
    • Automatic Reports
    • Brands included* 1
    • Campaigns 30/YEAR
    • Consumers DB 50.000
    • Import/Export Consumers
    • Consumer API Integration
    • File Manager 3Gb
    • Platform users* 5
    • Email / Chat support
    • Phone support (office hours)
  • Power

    • Owned Media Dashboard
    • Paid Media Dashboard
    • Sentiment Module
    • Manual reports
    • Automatic Reports
    • Brands included* 3
    • Campaigns 50/YEAR
    • Consumers DB 1.000.000
    • Import/Export Consumers
    • Consumer API Integration
    • File Manager 5Gb
    • Platform users* 10
    • Email / Chat support
    • Phone support (office hours)
  • Full

    • Owned Media Dashboard
    • Paid Media Dashboard
    • Sentiment Module
    • Manual reports
    • Automatic Reports
    • Brands included* 5
    • Campaigns UNLIMITED
    • Consumers DB 5.000.000
    • Import/Export Consumers
    • Consumer API Integration
    • File Manager 8Gb
    • Platform users* UNLIMITED
    • Email / Chat support
    • Phone support (office hours)

* Brands and users can be increased within the same plan.

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