Our customers rated us with a score of 4.5 and an NPS of 8.7

In the marketing technologies ecosystem, the voice of the customer is an invaluable guide. Over the past year, we are excited to share that our user community has awarded us an exceptional score: 4.5 overall, 4.9 for customer service, and an NPS of 8.7!

Customer review results from Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice, -from Gartner Digital Markets- until December 31, 2023.

These numbers not only reflect our commitment to excellence but are also a proof of the positive impact we are having in the martech landscape.

Customer ratings and reviews are the pulse of our industry. According to Gartner, 41% of companies consult user reviews before making purchasing decisions, and 86% consider verified reviews important or very important to their decision-making process. In a saturated market of options, real user experiences are the compass guiding decisions.

What do marketing software buyers evaluate when looking for the perfect solution for their needs? Beyond features and technical functionalities, they are looking for a comprehensive experience. Reliability, ease of use, customer support, and real impact on results are critical aspects that influence their decisions. The 4.5 rating and 8.7 NPS we have obtained reflect our dedication to meeting these expectations and exceeding them.

The highlighted attributes are consistent with our mission and values. For example, we aim to be close to our customers, and customer service is our most outstanding value with an average of 4.9.

Thanks to this rating, Software Advice awarded us as one of the platforms with the best customer support.

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What our users say about us

"In these times, it is crucial to integrate data science to marketing and invest in tech partners that not only 'exist' but can build something ad hoc according to your needs.

Pamela de Leon, Gerente Regional de Performance Digital de Walmart

"The most important thing in this phase of digital transformation was to organize, filter, and feed the data at great speed from all points of contact, to be able to give each of them strategic value."

Laura C. Méndez Pinzón, Coordinadora de Marketing Digital de Megalabs Colombia

As a company dedicated to democratizing access to marketing analytics and data science, each positive rating is a testimony to the value we offer to our customers. We are committed to providing powerful tools that empower our users to make informed decisions and achieve success in an ever-evolving digital world.

Looking ahead, we are excited to continue our journey alongside our user community. Every review, every comment, and every rating drives us to be better, to innovate, and to exceed expectations. We are eager to continue raising the standard in the martech ecosystem.

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