This journey is only 1% finished

This is one of the most powerful slogans that Meta uses to inspire employees. It reveals an internal energy to keep moving forward, pushing the limits, and enjoying the ride rather than the destination. Today, this is true more than ever for the history of Bunker DB. We’re thrilled to announce we’re now a Meta Business Partner (MBP) for Measurement.

We joined Bunker DB some months after leaving Meta with the clear mission to bring the company to a new era of more advanced, sophisticated measurement and global partnerships. Bunker DB’s leadership gave us the tools and resources to achieve this.

This was no easy task for a regional startup that aims to become a global reference for marketing analytics and science. It took us a whole year to get where we are now. During this time, we built measurement solutions to a wide array of marketing challenges that require data-driven decisioning. With products such as Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), KPI Planner, Creative Analysis, among others, we help advertisers of all sizes to bridge the gap between planning, cross media reporting, attribution and incremental value analysis.

And this is just the beginning.

Thanks Meta for this recognition that materializes months of work, investment, and resources allocated to our core mission: to make marketing analytics and marketing science ubiquous, useful, and accessible to every marketer. This journey is only 1% finished.

Co-written by Demián Matarazzo, Federico Kalos & Nicolás Cruces


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