We announce an investment of USD 3.5M by Draco Capital and Globant

Confirmamos una ronda de financiación Pre Serie A para afianzar nuestros planes de expansión y posicionamiento en Latinoamérica.

Our mission is to help Marketing Departments be more efficient by automating analytical processes that accelerate decision-making and exponentially improve business performance. Currently, more than 1,000 brands in 25 countries trust our technology.

This confidence is also recently accompanied by investors such as Draco Capital with USD 2.5M and Globant with USD 1M that joined Cisneros, who in 2020 invested USD 2M in the seed capital round.

At Draco Capital, we believe in investing in high-potential companies that, supported by technology, make a difference, with a special focus on Latin America where our expertise allows us to detect opportunities, such as is the case of Bunker DB, Candela Girardi, Managing Partner of Draco Capital.

“We continue to invest in entrepreneurs who reinvent businesses through disruptive technologies. In times of constant change, we continue to promote the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, encouraging those that aim to improve the relationship between brands and consumers,” said Gustavo Martello, Managing Partner of Globant Ventures.

We are very grateful for our investors and the faith they deposit in us every step of the way. We focus not only on financing our plans from an economic perspective, but also partner with companies that share our values, commented our Founder & CEO, Avedis Boudakian.

We recently started operations in Mexico City and Bogota, so we already have a local presence in ten Latin American countries. This investment will aim to position ourselves as one of the leading platforms in Marketing Science, just as we did in other countries.

In a context where data piles up to be analyze, and less time to do so, it is essential to incorporate technology into each team to automate operational processes and increase efficiency in decision-making. Our technology is consciously simple yet sophisticated, enabling everyone on a team to make data-based decisions, not feelings. In other words, we introduce a data-driven culture, and we do it in record time, Avedis concluded.

With this milestone boosts our goals to continue consolidating our position in Latin America before expanding our business in the United States and Europe.

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