What is Martech? Nicole Durán in interview

¿Qué es el Martech y cuáles son las principales tendencias de cara al 2022?

Bunker DB is a multinational “Martech” company, but what exactly does the term Martech mean? Luis Carlos Lara, Communicator, and Creator of the Tico Urbano portal, consulted our Commercial Manager for Central America and her response was the following:

“It is essential that companies begin to visualize the importance of involving technological solutions in business development, focused on how it addresses its consumers using digital platforms. The intersection of technology and marketing allows us to collect data from users, to know the consumer and thus be able to capture their attention under a personalized treatment, expressed Nicole.

With the advancement of the Martech, it is essential to understand some of the trends for next year, to make better decisions for the company’s benefit. Given this, Durán listed some. You can enter this link to know them.

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