Bunker DB won a spot at Growth Hell Week 2019

Bunker DB gana una plaza en la Growth Hell Week 2019

Bunker db has been chosen by LATU (Laboratorio tecnológico del Uruguay) and 500 Startups to take part in Growth Hell Week 2019. This event takes place every year in Silicon Valley and summons the most ambitious startups of the entrepreneur world.

The selection process started on December 28th last year, and continued until February 28th this year. During that period, every company that could offer an innovative or technological product —and that could have a potential growth— could apply. Final results were announced by LATU on March 15th this year.

Of a 42 total of uruguayan start-ups that applied, six of them were chosen to travel. Along with Bunker db, the other companies that will join the trip are Armor Bionics, Gurucargo, Prisma Campaigns, SlideModel and Spotlike.

500 Startups lead the way

The mind behind Growth Hell Week is 500 Startups, one of the most important early-stage fund and seed accelerators in the USA. Since Dave McClure and Christine Tsai founded it in 2010, it has implemented different entrepreneuring growth programs globally.

Up to date, they have invested on over 2200 companies, including some like iDreamBooks, Visual.ly or Canva, to mention a few. They count with over 300 millions assets across more than 74 countries.

500 Startups, has the role of incubator, but above all it’s a seed accelerator. The difference, as their names indicate, is that they establish different bonds with the projects they work with.

Incubators work with startups from their foundational idea. In these cases, companies are assessed, educated, and offered the infrastructure they need to develop. Meanwhile, a seed accelerator work with consolidated companies and offer assessment or a possible financial injection to increase their growth.

What’s Growth Hell Week?

The trip to Silicon Valley will occur this year between May 13th and 17th. Being there, Bunker DB will attend to the Growth Hell Week, an intensive program where entrepreneurs gather new tools and knowledge to boost their projects.

Each company will have two representatives. In our case, they’ll be Elena Spagnuolo (Chief Business Officer) and Pablo Simon (Chief Growth Officer).

The schedule include trainings, workshops, talks, case studies, and conferences by business people and international investors. The latter will also share their own experiences with us, their knowledge about marketing, seed acceleration, and more.

By the end of this process, participants will have obtained the tools and keys needed to make their own success. Not to mention a worthwhile contact network and potential investors that they could reach at such a prestigious event.

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