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We added WhatsApp Business to our support channels!.

​At Bunker DB Analytics we have integrated WhatsApp Business into our customer service. Know all its advantages here.

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Good news for those who regularly reach out to Bunker DB Analytics form our support channels! We’ve added a new way for those who contact us: WhatsApp Business, the most popular messaging service for companies worldwide.

How does it work, and what’s the importance to integrate WhatsApp Business into our support channels? We'll tell you here.

The benefits of expanding our support channels

Online chat is a leading tool for any brand with digital presence. If something characterizes modern times, it’s celerity, and the speed of response must also adapt to it. Therefore, being present on various platforms is necessary to meet all the demands of today's public.

Indeed, having an efficient chat is a benefit for those involved. On the one hand, the client feels satisfied by the care provided; which will lead to a better reputation for your brand. On the other hand, you will receive almost instantaneous feedback, which will help you to continue optimizing the service you provide.

The difference between good and bad service can be summed up in greater or lesser retention. Everyone wants to be treated with respect, and to be assisted as much as possible in the induction process. If these premises are met, user loyalty is retained, and this can become essential to enhance our reputation.

WhatsApp, present and future of instant messaging

Its world population is currently more than 7.8 billion people. This is detailed by Worldometer, the site of global statistics in real time. Of that total, Internet World Stats clarifies, more than 4.78 billion (61% approx.) have digital devices. About 4.57 billion of that subtotal (95%) use the internet, Statista clarifies; and about 3.6 billion of them (78%) have social networks.

Today WhatsApp is by far the most successful instant messaging application in the world. According to Oberlo, the app has a presence in more than 180 countries and is available in 60 different languages. Today there are more than 2 billion people who use it every day. That is, 40% of the total of those who have cell phones and internet service.

It is estimated that more than 7.65 billion messages are sent globally through it every day. When we study its use by generation, we discover that first millennials and then centennials consume it the most. So using it is a must for any brand that wants to improve its customer service; especially with the new generations.

WhatsApp Business, a necessary integration

Millennials and centennials prefer this platform over social networks, email or telephone service. Why? For several simple reasons:

a) They set the pace

Clients are exclusive owners of the chat times. They decide to start or end a dialogue. Even if the communication is immediate, the rhythm of the exchange will always be subject to that of each client. We will only respond to specific inquiries, without the possibility of starting a dialogue on our own.

b) Build more confidence

Not for nothing WhatsApp has earned the reputation of being the application to communicate with friends and family. We all use it on a daily basis, which allows us to carry out a less invasive exchange. That fame, added to its swiftness, allows generating a much more relaxed brand-client bond, but always maintaining the forms.

c) Much more complete support

Its ‘you-to-you’ dynamic helps make the conversation a much more dynamic process. Not to mention the variety of content that we can share through this channel to simplify user understanding. What goes from texts to gifs, videos, images, links, and more.

d) Your data is more transparent

By sending responses directly to the user, the aperture rate of the messages is much higher. As an addition, information tracking becomes easier, because it will allow you to know if your message was received and read or not. A premise that will help us to improve the times and the practicality of the replies.

e) Preset responses

If WhatsApp Business assures us something is to be able to provide solutions without the need to go through an extensive exchange. Something possible thanks to preset responses and chatbots that help automate certain processes. This will save us time and resources and will give us the exact information we are looking for.

How will the integration work?

After completing the due process with Zendesk and WhatsApp, we integrated this new contact platform into our channels. Due to policies of the agents involved, we cannot share our contact on our own initiative. Therefore, this authorization is exclusively on the client side and not on Bunker DB.

The process to activate it consists of two simple steps:

1. Find the new function

To contact us for the first time via WhatsApp Business, you must login into our platform and go to the bottom right of the dashboard; there you will find the conventional green button with a speech bubble to connect with Support.

From now on, when you click on it, a chat window will appear and three different options will be displayed: send an email to the support team, communicate with them by WhatsApp or chat directly through Bunker DB Analytics.

2. Generate the first contact

When you start a chat on WhatsApp, the conversation will popup on that platform and you can add Bunker DB to your contact list. In parallel, a follow-up ticket will be generated in our system.

There are a few details to keep in mind before starting:

a) There are limitations when proceeding

To begin with, WhatsApp Business does not allow you to make or receive calls of any kind. Consequently, the only dialogue enabled will be that of conventional chat. It is just a matter of starting a conversation and that it develops normally.

b) Chats have their respective lifespan

The customer is the only one who can start a dialogue. This means that we will not be able to contact you unless you have previously started a conversation. In that case there will be a 24-hour margin to respond for either party. Once the limit is exceeded, that conversation will be obsolete and you will have to start a new one.

Otherwise, we will also be able to send you ‘notifications’ —which will arrive via email— to continue with the query. This dynamic will help us ensure that your question is always answered.

c) Agile exchange... but controlled

As we already mentioned, with WhatsApp Business files of all kinds can be sent: images, videos, GIFs, links and more. A much more practical procedure for those involved that, in turn, will help them to better illustrate the explanations.

However, abusing this possibility can be interpreted as spam by the app. This procedure would result in a ban on the account involved. Therefore, this resource must be used with discretion, avoiding being invasive.

Omnichannel communication as a goal

Adding WhatsApp Business to our support channels brings us closer and closer to the goal of achieving omni channel communication. In other words, a system that facilitates the dialogue between company and client, because the latter finds a centralized (and synchronized) management flow.

The main objective is to achieve personalization in the customer service process. With this premise, we intend to continue enhancing the user experience, generating greater confidence around the service provided.

For the near future, we will continue to offer you new features, optimizations and news. If you want to know more about it, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter.

If you want to learn more about adding WhatsApp Business to our support channels, please contact support@bunkerdb.com.

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