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We bring to you Bunker DB’s new A/B testing module.

Our renewed A/B testing (versus) module has a new image and features. Know all about the changes you’ll find from now on here.

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Faithful to our constant search for excellence, we bring news to our users. From now on, Bunker DB offers you a new A/B testing module, much more powerful, quicker, simpler, and more intuitive.

All these advantages will help you make the best out of our platform. Additionally, imagine how easy it will be to make decisions based on data recollection and crossing between your contents. A tool you can use not only on posts and ads, but on ad groups, campaigns, and more.

Next, we tell you all the details about the changes you’ll find.

1. More contents to A/B testing

The new Bunker DB versus module allows you to analyze a wider variety of contents. This includes posts, ads, ad groups, campaigns, and much more. This all-new feature will grant you richer and deeper insights.

Also, you can use the module to compare contents cross-channel on paid media or social media. For example, you can put a Facebook ad up against a Google Display ad; or measure the performance of a post on Instagram versus a Tweet on social media.

We should say that versus dynamics can only work if compared contents are at the same hierarchical level. To put it in an example: a Facebook ads campaign can’t be compared with a Google Ads Manager ad, but it can be taken up against another campaign. As for its hierarchical level, the later is above the individual ad.

2. The spectrum of compared content widens

Our past version of the versus module only allowed the comparison among three posts. On this new instance, the range of elements that can be contended goes up to 26; from A to Z.

Simultaneously, the amount of metrics you can study on your data crossing also increases. You can choose up to ten different metrics to make your analysis. If you pick different networks, all of the metrics have to be shared by them.

This way, if you select an organic post from Facebook, and another from Instagram, your comparison will be based on the metrics present on both platforms, namely: reach, frequency, impressions, and more. The same thing happens when comparing ads, ad groups, campaigns, and others.

3. New comparisons from a benchmark

To your classic A/B testing, that confronts your contents against each other, now we add a new comparative from a benchmark. To do so, you need to choose one content as the benchmark, and Bunker DB will compare all the others against it. Instead of “all against all”, the logic can also be “one against all”.

Once this new feature is applied, the result will show a ranking of the compared contents. The one at the top is the one that has performed the best, according to the selected metric. This way, your top content by Reach, can be different from your top content by Clicks.

4. Simpler and more intuitive usability

Following the recent line of image change that Bunker DB has undergone, our versus module also pursues that spirit. From now on, you’ll discover and interface a lot friendlier, and, above all, simpler.

To begin, not only will you be able to see your comparatives as a gallery, but you can also list them. This will help you visualize your data at first glance. Also, the new search feature will make it easier to find the comparative you’re looking for by its name. The older version couldn’t do that.

Once you’re inside the comparative, you’ll see yet another optimization: now you can organize your contents in specific patterns. For example, from smallest to largest by any metric you want.

If you want to know which performed best by reach, you just need to click on the column header. Next, Bunker DB will arrange the contents according to your choosing.

5. Comparisons in custom periods

The new A/B testing module compares contents along a period of time of your choosing. You must choose the period directly on the dashboard or the campaign and it will apply immediately on the comparison you’re analysing.

This measure is especially useful for ads and any type of content in which you have budget invested. In this way, you can understand how an ad performed over time and compare it with other values on a different moment.

Working like this will help you understand the evolution of that ad over time; additionally, you will be able to optimize your strategy to make the most out of it.

With the new A/B testing module, you can easily comprehend which contents work and which don’t. All thanks to the data recollected, that help you understand in-depth its context.

This advantage, in turn, will boost your creativity for better strategies, creating posts for the right public in the right place, and the right moment.

Now, these patterns are much easier to visualize thanks to this powered module that Bunker DB has for you.


For the near future we will continue to offer you new features, optimizations and news. If you want to know more about it, follow us on social networks and subscribe to our newsletter.

In case you have doubts about the recent changes and how they work, don't hesitate to write to us at support@bunkerdb.com.

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