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Six awesome news from Bunker DB to you in 2019.

Another year has come, and in Bunker DB we keep on reinventing ourselves to be your most complete digital tool. Read all about it right here!

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Bunker DB starts 2019 with excellent news for our clients. The most important referring to our new features and modules. We aim to keep on growing and give you a superior quality product.

What will you find on Bunker? Details explained right below.

1. Paid media module renewed

Getting to know your investment in digital marketing, easier than ever with Bunker’s paid media module. We additioned the possibility to break down Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads data with one click. A dynamic that will allow you to read and analyze your campaigns in detail.

Besides, we incorporated over 200 metrics, which will make it a breeze to customize and sort the information according to your needs and targets. With these supplies, the module becomes more agile, and more powerful than ever.

2. Analyze your e-commerce performance at Bunker DB Analytics

Knowing that you may need to have everything in a single place, we present to you the brand new e-commerce module. In it you’ll be able to see the digital performance of your business, from transactions, interaction flows, top sold products, best working media, and much more.

You can also analyze your campaigns conversions with the brand new metrics at the new paid media module.

3. Monitor your competition, now on Instagram too

To your classic competition analysis on Facebook and Twitter, now we also have included Instagram.

This way, we became one of the most complete tools to analyze competitors in the market.

4. Automate reports and alerts by user groups

Do you want to send automatic reports with specific campaign results? Monthly? Or maybe KPI alerts to a specific team? Now Bunker allows you to create user groups—marketing, commercial, management, etc.—so that they receive their reports via email.

You can even set up KPI alerts, and we will notify you about their performance, projection and achievement.

5. Customize your reports arranging posts in groups.

Bunker now makes it possible to create posts groups and report only those contents relevant to your digital strategy. This initiative applies to social media and paid media networks.

Additionally, from now on, you’ll be able to sort your contents by any metric. With notes, you’ll have the easiest way to add insights as you learn from your marketing actions.

6. Download your campaign data, fast and easy

We upgraded our reporting tool, so that you can use it as you need to. This means that you can now download a CSV file with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads data.

The process is very simple: apply filters as needed and then click the button to download them from Bunker DB Analytics.

Our pursuit for excellence is continuous, that is why we want our platform to work in the most optimal way possible.

These improvements are just the beginning of a 2019 loaded with changes. To be aware of the latest, subscribe to our newsletter.

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