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[Opinion] Technology as a driver of transparency and success in digital business

Opinion: "La Data Despierta” - Credit: Jóseam M. Laboy, Business & Sales Director Caribbean of Bunker DB

In this opinion article for Listín Diario, Jóseam Laboy talks about transparency. A practice that is often taken for granted but is directly related to digital business.

You probably think about users' data and what companies do with it, but Jóseam focuses on transparency oriented to the visibility of a company's information. Data that a business entrusts to its business partners to carry out the tasks delegated to them.

Transparent practices are necessary for these links -between companies and allies- to be long-lasting and lead to the success of both parties.

Do you know exactly how much is invested per channel? Do you see the return generated by each digital campaign you launch? Do you understand the needs of your customers or the feeling they have about your brand?

Find the answer to these questions in the complete note.

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