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IAB Forum, the best from Uruguay to the world.

At the event there will be 9 speakers and 2 panels talking about global content in terms of digital advertising

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This year, IAB Forum is renewed to become a window, for the world, of the best of Uruguay, with talks by the best local exponents with global content in terms of digital advertising and interactive marketing.

It is an honor that the organization of the IAB Forum has summoned two talents that are part of Bunker DB. This invitation reaffirms what anyone who works with them concludes instantly: Nicolás Ovalle, Chief Innovation Officer of Bunker DB, and Avedis Boudakian, CEO of Bunker DB, know what they are talking about.

We invite you to join Nico's talk about Web3 next Wednesday, December 1, at 11:15 UY. Then, at 12h UY, Ave will participate in the Content for export panel.

We leave the agenda in this link because many more talks are just as enjoyable.

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