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The end of ultra segmentation? Google will eliminate cookies and digital advertising considers its strategies.

After only a few days of joining Bunker DB as Sr. Marketing Scientist, Santiago Decarlini was interviewed by one of the main Uruguayan media outlets

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Diego Ferreira, a well-known journalist for the supplement El Empresario, from El País Uruguay, made a report on the elimination of cookies from Google; and how this determination by the tech giant will inevitably change the rules of advertising.

Our Sr. Marketing Scientist, Santiago Decarlini, stated: "This model change is very disruptive and is forcing brands and companies to refine the processes of collecting information from users. In the short term, we see that brands and companies will have to create better databases and contact lists and use self-targeting."

Of course, it will not be a problem for brands that work with our Bunker DB Analytics platform since we have a powerful Consumer module with integrated CDP.

You can read the complete note at this link.

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