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Bunker DB & AdMobilize signed a partnership deal for data analysis.

Bunker DB, digital analytics specialized company has just signed a partnership deal with AdMobilize, global leader in out of home analytics (OOH). More details explained below.

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By the end of August, Bunker DB and AMobilize signed an agreement of global partnership. This alliance also guarantees that the uruguayan company has exclusive representation for the U.S. brand in five latin american markets: Bolivia, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Puerto Rico and Uruguay.

What does this mean for the industry?

Through this partnership, both companies double their business bet. Additionally to AdMobilize’s speciality, the anonymous data tracking of the offline world, Bunker DB brings in an exhaustive online digital analytics.

The synergy between Admobilize and Bunker DB, allows users to have a holistic and omnichannel view of their marketing efforts on both worlds. Which, in turn, will impact on optimal strategies from more accurate and enhanced insights.

Starting now, advertisers can see in real time, how their efforts and strategies on digital media make an impact on the physical world. A novel and, up until now, unique in the market.

About AdMobilize

AdMobilize is the strongest, most private, and anonymous platform for audience and advertising out of home (OOH) engagement measurement. Founded in 2014, and currently leading the tech market with more than 150 customers in more than 80 countries.

It’s specialized in real time quantification and measurement of ads performance in the real world (offline). To do so, multiple software algorithms based on artificial intelligence (AI) manage different types of cameras. Today, they can provide three basic measurements: Audience Analytics, Vehicle Analytics y Crowd Analytics.

The first, anonymously analyzes facial gestures to distinguish emotions and classify them according to age, gender and more. The second, identifies the types of vehicles its sensor catches—if it’s a car, motorbike, truck—its brand, speed, among others. The third, focuses on counting people that encounters the ad in a discrete space.

About Bunker DB

Bunker DB, it’s a platform specialized on digital analytics. Its purpose is essentially to help marketing departments, and agencies to improve their efficiency working with data and AI. Founded in 2014, as well, and today is taken as a reference in the market, with more than 1000 active brands, and customers in more than 20 countries.

Among the main advantages of the platform are: viewing all the digital ecosystem info in a single place—social media, paid media, ecommerce, apps, website, etc.—, consolidation of online and offline media investments, KPI tracking for each action, in real time, sentiment qualification of consumers on interest topics, competence analysis, and unified database management.

This makes Bunker DB a differentiating product on the market. This tool allows brands to process and analyze their data from a single place. An efficient and holistic dynamic that allows advertisers to optimize their time and cost.

This partnership is only the beginning of a commercial relationship that will continue growing in the future. In this future, both companies promise to make a revolution with new and disruptive technologies for online and offline marketing.

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