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Bunker DB has just changed its image and invites you to take a look.

Faster, easier, friendlier: the three pillars of the new image at Bunker DB Analytics. We introduce you the new changes that you will be able to see by next week.

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Coming next week, Bunker DB Analytics will launch a new user interface (UI) for our platform.

From navigation speed to visuals, our users will have a refreshing new experience with the platform. It will be simple, fast and friendly in terms of usability, which has been our trademark since the beginning.

These changes follow the new changes on our brand, which we have been implementing since the middle of this year. Keep reading if you want to know further details on the changes coming up next week.


From the visuals, Bunker DB Analytics will experience a brief change but very noticeable. The users will be able to notice cleaner colors within a minimalistic interface. White color will have the main focus across the platform as the new core of our brand image change, leaving behind our classic black image that we used to have since 2014. This represents a radical change within our color palette, which will give Bunker DB Analytics a sober look and visual comfort.

The main menu with the main sections of the platform will no longer stay on top of the screen. Now, it will be located on the left side of the screen as a collapsible sticky menu. This change pretends to provide much ease to navigability across all sections within the platform. The change will optimize space usage and get better visibility of all data displayed.

To be able to see the detailed information within our custom panels, now you will have a “Show details” button in addition to the arrow button that we have been using. And when you no longer need or want to see those details, the button will be located at the bottom of the panel and will change its name to “Hide details”. This new shortcut will help you return to the top of each custom panel making navigation across sections much faster and easier than before, avoiding unnecessary scrolling.

Within each network section and surrounded by many detailed data is easy to get lost and forget in which network you are positioned at. Knowing about this difficulty, now we included a sticky network reference. This new feature will help you to remember in which network you are located while you scroll across it.


From now on, Bunker DB Analytics will have faster loading speeds. This means that the platform will display all the information much faster and at a progressive pace. For example, at Dashboard, you will no longer have to wait until all panels are loaded to start interacting with the platform. Now, all panels will start loading one by one, allowing you to interact and keep moving back and forth even when other data sections are still loading.

At the same time, you will notice a bunch of new shortcuts to make the navigation more intuitive and direct than ever. One good example about these changes is the new brand search menu. This feature will let you find the brand you are looking for, instead of scrolling as we were used to.

It's important to point out that each brand will have two icons on the right side of the menu: a folder and a gear. Each of them work as shortcuts to other functionalities of the platform. These are the campaign section and the brand settings.

In case you forget which one is each one, it will be as simple as hovering the mouse over each of the icons. You will see a tooltip displayed that will detail the name of the function. On the other hand, if you prefer, you can still use the options from the main menu to go to these locations as well.


Working to provide you the best experience possible, Bunker DB Analyitcs gets better to make it easy for you to use it. This includes a much better navigability, including another new visual aspect to the campaigns that now you can choose to see them in “list mode”. You will have to click on the list menu at the right side of the screen, right below the date selection. By selecting the same option once again, you will come back to the classic mosaic menu.

The possibility to have campaigns “listed” will make it easy to organize data at first sight. You will be able to see the date ranges from start to end, which will also change from red to green color to notify if the campaign has finished or if its still active. Following, you will see the amount of consumers and the type of campaign.

In the case you want to edit the campaign, you won’t have to enter into the campaign itself any longer. Now you will be able to access to a menu to “see more”. It will be located right next to the primary information: it's a three dot button (also called kebab menu). Once there, you will have the possibility to open the option within a new tab, or either edit or delete and be able to see which networks are connected.

On the other hand, from now on Bunker DB Analytics will have a much responsive design than it was before. This change will let you see the platform with much more adaptability to different screen sizes: PC, laptops, tablets, phones, etc.

Along this way, usability will be optimized, showing data in a much more dynamic and simple way, playing with the available space. A good example is the “performance” drop down section in which the mobile version will become a slider with all metrics within.

The new image of Bunker DB Analytics will offer a renewed experience. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Looking forward to the future, we keep offering you new features, optimizations and news. If you would like to know more about it, follow us on our social networks and subscribe to the newsletter.

If you need help related to the new changes and functions, please contact us at support@bunkerdb.com.

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