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Bunker DB boosts marketing in Bolivia, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

We were interviewed by the Bolivian Dat0s Magazine to talk about our take-off in this market

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More and more companies are aware of the competitive advantage of knowing their data; Bolivia is no exception. There are already more than 27 brands that trust us, such as Imcruz, Farmacorp, Banco Fassil, Arcor, Sofia, and Banco Ganadero. This meant a 170% growth in the client portfolio vs. the previous year.

Two of the people behind these impressive results were Carla Vela, our Commercial Manager of Bunker DB Ecuador and Bolivia, and Tito Benavides, our Sales Partner who represents our company in the Bolivian market. Thanks to this partnership, we achieve closer ties with our clients and a deeper understanding of their business to guide them on the path to their digital transformation.

Bolivian Dat0s Magazine invited us to a round table to tell our secret for such a takeoff and our plans for the future. Watch the full interview in the video below:

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