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Bunker DB is following an ambitious expansion plan over Latin America.

​We're foreseeing a significant expansion all over the continent for 2020, we will double our staff and look out to position ourselves as a reference software.

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It’s been a little over five years since Bunker DB started making its way and all this time has been of non-stop growth for us. However, and in spite of our sustained development, this journey has only begun.

After a first stage of successful growth, today we keep following this road and project a lot more! Now we’re after a more aggressive expansion phase at a continental level.

By middle 2020 we pretend to land in at least nine countries. These are Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay and Puerto Rico.

This development will allow us to increase our team from 16 to 35 people. A growth in infrastructure that will enhance our commercial and support services.

Growth Hell Week y Collision: expansion opportunities

As part of this expansion process, Elena Spagnuolo (CBO) and Pablo Simon (CCO) travelled to Growth Hell Week and Collision Tech Conference in May. The first event, organized by early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator 500 Startups; and Collision Tech, integrated by Uruguay XXI and CUTI that led the commercial mission.

Both innovation and networking events connect startups from all over the world and provide a space for knowledge exchange to give a boost to your business. This means amazing contribution for expansion possibilities.

About the trip that lasted two weeks overall, Simon and Spagnuolo agreed that it was a “rewarding experience”. “Our participation allowed us to share experiences and meet with other startups from the entrepreneur global ecosystem'' Elena said.

Have participated in it gave us status and thoughtfulness of the startups involved. In fact, now having a solid contact network and have promoted ourselves in a global environment is a great advantage thinking on the long term. Have attended will open doors to bigger and more developed markets.

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