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Something marketers should know within Coronavirus times.

The Coronavirus arrived and social networks reflect it. Here we share some insights you need to know within these uncertain times.

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Analysis made by Nicolás Ovalle – Chief Data Scientist at Bunker DB

We are facing with a situation rarely seen. The world as we knew it, until a couple of weeks ago is no longer, nor will it be the same. The economic paralysis that Coronavirus (Covid-19) has generated globally is unprecedented. Such reality challenges brands to find new strategies to reinvent themselves. The focus is on analyzing the audience data in order to develop strategies that allow us to adapt to the new order.

The question is, how can we continue to be relevant and add value to our consumers? That is why we should ask ourselves whether, in fact, we are analyzing the behavior of users accordingly in this particular context.

Listening to what they need is not always easy, but knowing what is relevant at this particular moment is extremely necessary to create an effective communication strategy. The difference between doing it or not, in the most extreme cases, can lead to a perfectly avoidable crisis.

In order to support our clients, we developed a study to understand the current situation. How do people experience the development of the pandemic in their daily lives? Is there anything we can do to support them during their isolation? In the following paragraphs we will help you understand how to achieve insights that enhance your brand communication.

What is happening in the digital world?

Analyzing in real time became key to fully understand the changes and behavior that our audiences are having.

The following analysis is a sample of user behavior between March 10-19. For this, we take as reference five fundamental channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and different websites. Altogether, we analyzed 68,739 mentions of the word “coronavirus” or “covid”; In addition, we put special focus on the activity of 155 Instagram influencers, due to their role as opinion makers.

Listed below is the percentage increase in conversations around different topics during that time period:

Coronavirus - 688.100%
Quarantine - 3516%
Boredom - 1072%
Illness - 957%
Movies - 226%
Hands washing - 205%

As a first observation, the exponential increase in the word “Coronavirus” stands out. A trend that is accompanied by the saturation of content around the disease.

However, we also chose to measure other topics related to the conversation such as: "helping", "isolation", "illness", "games", "movies", "music" and "boredom".

Group of keywords that refer to providing support to the rest; to show solidarity with the rest in some way in the face of the current situation.

Group of keywords that refer to providing support to the rest; to show solidarity with the rest in some way in the face of the current situation.

All the words related to the possibilities of contagion and the spread of the pandemic that plagues the planet.

Games, movies, music and boredom
Different sets of keywords that refer to both online games, such as board games, the use of Spotify, Netflix, series, movies and more. The goal is to understand what activities people focus their free time on.

As we said before, the conversation around Coronavirus grows as the media coverage of the topic increases. The essential factor to measure is media, whose contents represent 20% of the total topic.

As the days go by, we also notice a sustained growth in conversation around other related topics. The most significant are “voluntary social isolation” and “quarantine”, the latter being the one that grows the most when compared. This situation betrays a greater awareness in society about the need to prevent the spread of the virus.

Understanding the conversation of this word is complex depending on the variety of contexts in which it is used. The contents where it appears refer to serious preventive measures, to jokes about what can be done once the measure is lifted, how extensive the experience becomes despite the few days that it has entered into force, but, above all, it is debated about of the importance of carrying it out and claiming to implement full quarantine.

As this category is the third fastest growing during the period studied, it is essential to take it into account. What its presence shows, is that users are looking for online recreational activities. A premise that advertisers can exploit by betting on content marketing as a communication opportunity.

Illness, contagion and hand washing
As the pandemic gains ground as the days go by, netizens better conceptualize the virus and its consequences. Such dynamics adds concepts such as "pandemic", "disease" and "contagion" in their conversations. This responds, on the one hand, to a way of referring to the subject; on the other hand, they also do it to raise awareness and share information regarding symptoms and actions to take if they exist.

Helping and hygiene
Other concepts such as "helping" or "hygiene" stand out positively in the networks and in the content of the influencers. In almost all cases, they hint at the responsible participation of society to help decrease the spread of the coronavirus. In this thematic category a space is introduced to responsibly communicate advice on health and prevention; as well as the implementation of adequate measures for the troubled times we are experiencing.


In total, 155 influencers were monitored. According to the analyzed posts, 67% were creating content related to the Coronavirus.

These focused on three fundamental topics: "staying at home", "hygiene" and "consideration on the moment in which one lives". Accompanied by them, other content appears whose main objective is to entertain audiences. Tips, recommendations and humor predominate in them.

What happens in the rest of the world at the network level?

The trend seems to be keeping pace with the global issues of all those countries that, sooner or later, have also faced the pandemic.

According to a study carried out in the Asian market, the main concerns of users around the Covid-19 highlight that what is currently of most concern is:

Financial situation and future - 60%
Fear of getting sick - 46%
Fear of an economic downturn - 36%
Fear of running out of supplies - 30%

Based on this, changes in consumer behavior are evident. With 53%, those who claim to have increased their online activity predominate. An attitude that is justified from the isolation that led 52% of respondents to cut budget for entertainment activities abroad.
In other words

In consecuense

To achieve the goal, it will be essential to develop a solid strategy when it comes to content marketing. Contents that must be transmitted in a responsible and sincere way, without appealing to mere participation in the trending topic of the moment. Proceeding in this way can make a brand seem frivolous and, consequently, generate rejection despite its efforts to captivate.

In this case, it will be useful to use the example of influencers as opinion makers and content innovators.

Beyond the numbers, empathy and sensitivity will be essential in content marketing. Implemented in this way, these assets can be our greatest allies by appealing to:

- Entertainment and humor
- Recommendations on how to live in quarantine
- Valuable information on prevention and health, both physical and mental
- Data about how your brand is acting responsibly towards your team

On the other hand, we recommend developing experiences that give added value to consumers when they have to interact with your brand.

Recommendations to consider.

AR (Augmented Reality): It is a great technology to consider at this time. Giving users the opportunity to play or test the brand's products from home can make a big difference.

ROE (Return of experience): It is an excellent time to consider it in our communication strategy. People have free time, nothing better than creating interactive experiences that help consumers to entertain themselves, while generating content for the brand and accessing promotional discounts for the purchase of their products.

Partners: There has never been a better time to consider partner agreements that enhance and complement the sale of your products. Everyone is experiencing the same crisis, nothing better than considering alliances with companies or brands that help improve our value proposition.

Influencers: The time to turn into influencers as opinion formers and content innovators for our brands.

Digitization: This crisis highlights the importance of considering digital channels so that customers can see and/or purchase their products and/or services.

We are in a unique moment. Therefore, being able to visualize everything that is happening, understanding how we can take advantage of it in favor of our brands and take action to achieve the results we seek, will allow us to emerge stronger from this situation.

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