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Now you can reply to comments on your networks with Bunker DB!.

​The option to reply to comments through the sentiment module is now available in Bunker DB analytics. Discover all its advantages here.

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With the desire to provide you with a better experience every day, at Bunker DB analytics we continue to improve our platform. Therefore, starting today, we add the option to respond to comments directly from our interface.

From now on you will be able to manage and moderate the comments of your communities with just a couple of clicks. This new dynamic represents a qualitative leap in terms of customer service.

How to access the new feature

First, you must go to the dashboard of your brand; once there, select the sentiment module. Next step, go to the ‘comments’ tab. Now, all comments that your community has made during a certain period of time will be displayed, divided by network.

If you pay attention, below each user post you will notice a ‘reply’ button. When pressed, a pop-up window composed of two panels will be displayed.

On the left, you will see the specific publication, and several of its essential data such as publication time, text, photo, etc. On the right, there will be the specific user comment, and a text field to respond, accompanied by emojis, images or GIFs (the latter if the network supports them) you can add.

In case you still have questions, we give you three reasons to use our new and agile function.

1. Forget network-to-network searches

Responding to comments through Bunker DB Analytics will help you streamline your customer service process.

From now on, your brand's moderators will no longer have to go network by network looking for the specific comments they have previously seen on our platform. Now they can integrate all the interactions with your audiences in one place.

2. Better response times

Your response will automatically appear in your post's feed and under your brand’s name. In this way, you will be saving several steps to specify the desired action, optimizing your time and resources to the maximum.

3. Preset responses

When responding to comments in Bunker DB Analytics, moderators will have a number of predefined responses to choose from. The idea with this is to speed up the response time, especially for comments that tend to repeat.

The social networks whose comments you can respond to through Bunker DB Analytics are: Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Instagram Ads, Twitter, and YouTube. In the near future, we will also be incorporating Twitter Ads.
The short-term goal is that you can moderate your entire digital ecosystem with the help of Bunker DB Analytics.

Preliminary considerations

Before starting, you should know that there are certain rules to be able to use the new function:

1) Have the necessary permissions: you can only use this feature if a superuser of your Bunker DB Analytics account gives you the corresponding access.

2) Verify network connections: for the process to be successful, your brand's networks must be properly connected and refreshed. If you applied this process recently or you don't see any notifications, you won't need to repeat it.

In case you have questions, our support team will be available to help you. You just have to write an email to support@bunkerdb.com.

If you want to use other communication channels, remember that now you can also contact us by WhatsApp.

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