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A/B testing for posts, ads and more.

August 2017

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On August we brought together a set of new and powerful features to make your job easier, faster and more comprehensive. Read on to learn all about them!

1) A/B testing module

You can now compare cross channel posts and ads for your owned and paid media on BunkerDB.

It's really simple, go to the 'VERSUS' tab on the dashboard or campaign, select the posts and metrics you want to compare, and it's all set! In seconds you'll have the comparison ready to go. Additionally, you can choose which ones to show on your report.

We're sure this new module will be of exceptional help to carry out A/B testing and understand which of your posts bring on a higher impact, to make better future decisions.

2) Custom fields for your database

Our brand new dynamic fields will allow you to set up your database on BunkerDB providing any information fields you need for the consumers module. It's very easy! go to the Administration tab, create each of them, and then send the information through our API V4 or uploading a CVS file.

Don't miss the opportunity to try this new section, set up your DB and get a complete profile of your consumers!

3) Mentions on Twitter

Do you want to know who mentioned your brand's handle on Twitter? Get this information now, just click 'Mentions' on the network's header.

Take the most out of this data to understand who is talking about your brand and what they are talking about!

4) Audience in Google Analytics

Now, on Google Analytics you can see information about your audience to better understand who your target public is and where they come from.

Following this data, you will make successful decisions.

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