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5 optimizations that you’ll enjoy on Bunker DB starting July.

Listening, dashboards with more metrics, customizable panels and new integrations: learn all about improvements for July.

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July is approaching its end, and Bunker DB has amazing news to share with you. Looking forward to developing an ever evolving digital analytic tool, we keep growing and adding innovations.

Read on to know everything about the newest elements you’ll find on our platform.

1. Monitor the web with Social Listening

Are you interested in learning what the internet is saying about your brand or your product? Our recently introduced tool Social Listening allows you to know that info whatever the profile (as long as it’s public), platforms, websites, portals, etc.

If you’re already a Bunker DB Analytics client and you want to experience this new feature, ask for a plan upgrade. If you haven’t started working with us, what are you waiting for?

2. Facebook Business powers up

Everything you have within your Facebook Business module, now it will be visible in your Paid Media module as well. This means that you will be able to overwatch all your content, broken down by metrics in Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Audience Network and Messenger.

This new feature will be visible at Campaigns, Ad groups and ads will allow you to focus your work on the content generated for those networks. All focused on making your job easier, letting you evaluate what has been generated in all platforms though Bunker DB.

3. Complete and better panels.

We keep on innovating to offer you more options and more accurate metrics. Get access to the most notable results on each network through different dashboards and panels on Bunker DB.

This change is also a step forward to get to our next major improvement: ‘custom headers’. This option will be available soon for you to choose what metrics you want to see and how.
This aims to give you more independence, making Bunker DB a highly customizable tool.

4. Google Analytics customizable headers.

Google is a whole world of information and metrics waiting to be analyzed. Knowing this difficulty, we present to you our ‘custom headers’. This means you can personalize the data you want to see.

The process is quite simple and is only a couple of clicks away. Choose the info you want to see and the depth you need it broken down into. Next, Bunker DB will show the info fast and simple.

5. New integrations

We’re always growing, and this makes us encounter new and bigger challenges. We want to make the best out of them, so we’ve recently integrated Display Campaigns Manager, Sizmek SAS and in site search.

Google DCM

Display Campaigns Manager, Google’s ad serving platform, it’s used to audit info obtained from your campaigns and reports. In a nutshell, break down data and verify that they match. A practice that encourages transparency globally.

Sizmek SAS

Sizmek’s newest version has just arrived to Bunker DB! From now on you’ll be able to take advantage from Sizmek Advertising Suite, an audit service similar to DCM, but with a more regional outreach.

Website search

Do you want to know how efficient your website search engine is? Now Bunker DB brings you which terms were used for searching; besides that, you will know if the results improved the interactions rate in your site.

This feature belongs to Google Analytics, this is why you need to set it up at google before you can see it on Bunker DB. Once you’ve worked with it, you’ll have the insights needed to enhance your strategy and navigability.

Our pursuit for excellence is continuous, that's why we want Bunker DB to work in the most optimal way possible.

More Bunker DB news coming up soon! If you want to be up to date, subscribe to our newsletter.

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